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Rumor: Microsoft Phones will be branded ‘Nokia by Microsoft’, Lumia to replace Surface

Ever since the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia’s phone division completed, we’ve been wondering what will happen to the brand names of all these devices under Nokia. Microsoft owns “Lumia” and “Asha” as well as some of Nokia’s technology terminology such as “PureView” and “ClearBlack” but can only use “Nokia” until the end of 2015. So


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Moto Maker might get a leather option this year

When Motorola announced the Moto X last year, they also debuted a new service called “Moto Maker.” Moto Maker allowed Moto X user to personalize their phones, choosing a different colored panel, or (in select regions) even a wooden backing. The wooden rear panel was introduced 4 months after the Moto X went on sale


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Apple isnt keen on any iOS/OS X merger ideas

Rumor has it Apple is working on a huge 12.9 inch iPad (which might explain why Samsung just released a huge, 12 inch Galaxy Note) and everyone’s been wondering how that would work. Speculation so far has been that this “iPad Pro” would run something closer to OS X instead of iOS, seeing as how


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Red Nexus 5 caught in the wild

Amid rumors of Google and LG bringing more color options of the Nexus 5, a picture of a red Nexus 5 has been leaked across the interwebs today. According to the source, there’s also a yellow version coming along, meant to release as the same time as the red version, in the same regions. Apparently