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Managing Moto E’s MicroSD Memory

Moto E Review

Last week UTP Editor Shibesh declared that he would rather recommend the Lumia 520 to people rather than the Moto E, since although both of them limited internal memories and microSD cards, its a lot easier to set up a Lumia 520 and give a parent/elder/newbie than it is on the Moto E. We came across


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Smartphone Buying Guide: India April 2014

Ever so often, people quiz us as to what we think of various phones and whether they are worth buying, even though they really do not intend to buy a phone. In fact, they do so every month, just to get an idea of the market. To cater to all such queries, we decided to


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How to get Cortana working on your Windows Phone Outside the USA [VIDEO]

So you updated to Windows Phone 8.1 and you cant get the new Cortana voice assistant working? That’s probably because you live outside of the USA! And since Microsoft doesnt know that any other countries exist, you’re going to have to change a couple things on your windows phone region-wise, to get Cortana setup. Otherwise,