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Editorial: When Hell Freezes Over

When I revealed that I had made the switch to a Samsung Galaxy S4, the reactions from my colleagues here on UnleashThePhones were primarily of shock and disbelief. After all, I have always taken a tough stance with Samsung regarding the quality and design of their products and their lack of taste and restraint. How


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Editorial: The Cost of Wanting to be Different

Today, we saw Nokia do what all of us thought was absolutely impossible and launch an Android-based smartphone called the Nokia X. It is an ultra low-end smartphone aimed at emerging markets and people looking to ditch their feature phones on a budget. If you actually believed the company’s statements from the last 2 to


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I bought a Surface – The (Ir?)relevance of Windows RT in 2014

I know, I know, it’s been almost 18 months since the Surface RT was launched. It’s been 6 months since its successors were launched as well. What could I possibly say that hasn’t been said before? Well, nothing. Actually. But this editorial isn’t about telling you whether to buy a new Surface RT or not, this is the story


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[Gallery] A look at HERE’s True 2 Car

2013-10-04 15.56.12

Many of us are familiar with the HERE suite of location apps, such as HERE Maps, HERE Drive+ and HERE Transit. Earlier today, I was at Nokia’s offices here in Singapore to check out the company’s next-generation data collection vehicle called True II. You might have heard of Google’s Street View cars that are deployed


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Editorial: A homage to the Nokia N9, 2 years on


This month marks the 2nd year of the Nokia N9 reaching general availability. Much change has happened in the mobile industry since 2011. We’ve seen dual-core CPUs become faster and more efficient, we’ve been through the same cycle with quad-core CPUs and we’ve seen the emergence of octa-core chips. Android has become the undisputed winner