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Nokia House now has Microsoft Branding

As part of the acquisition by Microsoft, Nokia’s global Headquarters in Espoo, which is better known as Nokia House, was going to be taken over by Microsoft as well. With the acquisition closing yesterday, the “Nokia” logo at Nokia House was taken down, and today there’s a big ol’ “Microsoft” logo put up instead. Yesterday,


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Nokia’s Devices and Services Division is now “Microsoft Mobile”

Right on cue, Nokia announced today that they have have completed their sales of the devices and services business to Microsoft. Microsoft is planning to use the “Microsoft Mobile” moniker for the Nokia phone business, and will be running it as a separate subsidiary with Nokia’s employees from the aforementioned business division remaining in Nokia


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Nokia’s phone division will now be rebranded as “Microsoft Mobile” (Oy!)

Oy! We all knew this day was coming. As I mentioned in yesterday’s episode of UnleashTV, Nokia’s phone division which was acquired by Microsoft, will now be rebranded over to “Microsoft Mobile”. To be particular, once the $7.2 billion acquisition is finished by the end of this month, “Nokia Oyj” will be known as “Microsoft


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Facebook is acquiring WhatsApp [for $19 billion]

Huge news today, as Facebook has bought WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messaging app, for $19 Billion and in stock. The acquisition will see Whatsapp running semi-independently, similar to Instagram, and while the messaging service will maintain it’s brand and currently existing offices, Facebook will be offer the advantage of their “expertise, resources and scale.” Facebook