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Nokia House now has Microsoft Branding

As part of the acquisition by Microsoft, Nokia’s global Headquarters in Espoo, which is better known as Nokia House, was going to be taken over by Microsoft as well. With the acquisition closing yesterday, the “Nokia” logo at Nokia House was taken down, and today there’s a big ol’ “Microsoft” logo put up instead. Yesterday,


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Samsung will release their first Tizen phone in Q2 2014

Samsung apparently is still looking at Tizen as an alternative mobile OS, stating today that they will be releasing their first Tizen smartphone in the market this Q2 2014. This comes in from a report by Reuters, which quotes Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team, who stated that the first phone


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The Nokia N9: A Retrospective


The Nokia N9. Some consider it Nokia’s final true flagship smartphone; the ultimate expression of Nokia’s in-house hardware and software expertise. Announced in Singapore in June 2011, 4 months after Stephen Elop’s infamous “burning platform” memo and strategy announcement, the N9 impressed virtually everyone who managed to have one in their hands; MeeGo Harmattan had


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Video: Nokia N900 Running Android ICS with Hardware Acceleration

The MeeGo flagship might have gotten a firmware update today, but the good ol’ Maemo-powered Nokia N900 got some unofficial Android Love thanks to U-Boot. The OS images havent been released yet, as there are still tweaks to be made, but dayum it looks impressive, eh? A stock Android experience. I might do this to my N900 just to see how well it works heh.


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The Nokia N900, with Robot body attached

The much loved Nokia N900 Maemo smartphone has always been capable of great things. But this one is extra awesome. Sascha from RoboSavvy managed to hack the phone’s three-axis controller and other components to bring it’s attached Robot body, to life. There’s remote access, video streaming and all things mech that’s really better explained at


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Infographic: Android is the most ‘closed’ open source OS

A report from VisionMobile has ranked Google’s Android operating system as the most “closed” open source platform among eight other major open source projects. The Open Governance Index is a deep look at the openness of Android, Qt, Symbian, MeeGo, Mozilla, WebKit, Linux and Eclipse. The winner? Qt is the most open open source platform with an


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Nokia N900 gamepad hack [is Awesome]

Ah the good ol’ Nokia N900. Is there anything that phone couldnt do? While we havent heard much from the Maemo scene lately, the Nokia phone-tablet has gotten a pretty awesome little homebrew mod. Polish hacker Emeryth, has a custom gamepad on the QWERTY slider, to help video game emulation be more comfortable on your