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LG G Watch (and Android Wear) Review

LG G Watch Android Wear Review

I’ve been a very happy Pebble smart watch user for a almost a year now. As you probably already know if you read my Pebble Steel Review, I was very skeptical about the whole ‘smart watch’ trend and didn’t really feel like it was a necessity. With the Pebble I realised that, while a smart


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Xiaomi Piston (2.1) Earphones Review

Xiaomi Piston 2 earphones review

Earlier this month, Xiaomi released the Mi In-Ear Piston earphones here in India. At a pricetag of just Rs 999, the premium-quality earphones were just way too tempting to resist, so I ended up buying a unit. Why buy it? Well, partly because they were so darn affordable, but also because the audio-savvy community has