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Jawbone Era Review


Jawbone is very much a company that was built on the business of Bluetooth headsets, and the Era is their newest flagship product. The first thing that one notices about the Era is its design, diminutive size and light weight; years of innovation and iteration in this product segment has seen Bluetooth headsets evolve from


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Fitbit officially comes to Windows Phone

Fitbit just launched their official app on Windows Phone, making it the first activity-tracking wearable to support Microsoft’s platform. If you have one of FitBit’s wearables like the FitBit Flex, One or Zip, which were previously only usable with iOS or Android, you’ll now be able to download the app and use it with your


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Plantronics India launches a Web Store

Plantronics India launched a web store this weekend, to make it easier for customers to get their hands on their Bluetooth headsets. As y’all might already know, we’re big fans of Plantronics, and their latest headsets like the Voyager Edge and wireless headphones like the BackBeat Go FIT were quite impressive. Plantronics headsets are also