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AT&T LG G Flex Unboxing

LG G Flex

AT&T sent us over the LG G Flex to check out this week! It’s the first curved touchscreen phone we’ve got the chance to play around with, and that means it’s definitely something of interest. Ofcourse I’ve got a ton of questions about it, like how useful is a curved phone anyway? Does the self-healing


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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

Galaxy Note 3 Review

Apparently, people love giant smartphones. And as such, in the last few months we’ve seen smartphones that have extended way over 5 inches of screensize. There was the 5.8 inch HTC One Max, the 6 inch Nokia Lumia 1520, the 6.4 inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra and dozens more ‘phablets’ from various manufacturers, at various


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Google Nexus 10 Review

Google’s Nexus brand is probably one of the most familiar names in the tech scene, strongly associated with cutting edge devices meant to show off the best that Google’s Android mobile operating system has to offer. And as such, the search giant has used the brand to launch a variety of devices, from the Nexus


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Review: Finding the Best Keyboard For Android

The Best Android Virtual Keyboard

We figured we’d check out some of the virtual keyboards out there for Android, and give you, our perspective on each one of them. Brief heads up. No Android keyboard offering is perfect. Face it. Now. While considering options like swallowing this gut wrenching fact, punching through a brick wall, venting your anger and possibly



Nokia World Live Streaming About To Begin

  I’m sure a lot of you are very excited, and you should be. Nokia is taking the stage at #NokiaWorld and will be unveiling their newest Windows Phone 7 phones Check out the live stream for full coverage. We’ll be at the event, you can follow us on Twitter @ZOMGitsCJ for the latest information.