Exclusive: Microsoft’s Camera App gets a Massive Redesign in Windows Phone 8.1 [VIDEO]

In addition to Wifi Sense and the many, many, many things that Windows Phone 8.1 brings along, Microsoft has also completely reworked their camera app.

Microsoft Camera Windows Phone 8.1

The new Microsoft Camera App will be similarly designed to Nokia’s Camera app, with quick shortcuts to various settings on the left side and shortcuts to the photo mode, video mode, or a built-in burst mode on the right side, along with the menu to access more options. Here’s a 3 minute video showing off the new app:

As you can see, the Windows Phone 8.1 Camera app looks a lot cleaner and generally more modern, giving users access to their most routinely used settings right from the viewfinder screen itself. Users will also be able to add new shortcuts to the left side, thereby customising it according to their needs.

Microsoft Camera Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft Camera Windows Phone 8.1

There’s still access to the Lenses feature, and everything that we’ve seen on previous versions of Windows Phone 8. Personally, I’m still a fan of Nokia’s Camera app but Microsoft certainly has done some great work with the new windows phone 8.1 camera app. That burst mode looks great!

Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be announced at Microsoft’s Build Conference next month. Only a couple more weeks now!

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