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Facebook Messenger Finally Arrives on Windows Phone [Screenshot Gallery]


“I have a dream”, Martin Luther King Jr once famously said.

I too had a dream. That one day I’d be able to send stickers on Facebook chat from my Windows Phone freely, abandoning workarounds and stupid third-party apps. That day has finally arrived.

A week ago, at MWC, Joe Belfiore announced Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone and it’s finally here! You can go grab it here.

It’s pretty much a full-featured client with the ability to start group chats, rename them, mute them, have conversations using stickers, delay notifications etc. We noticed a couple of things that were missing from the app, like we can’t pin chats to Start. And I’d have really appreciated a black background for conversations(AMOLED screen!) Another thing that no one seems to get is opening Nokia Camera(or any other default camera app) when it comes to the ‘take a photo’ option. Maybe that is a Windows Phone issue, and it’ll be one of the things that get magically fixed at BUILD next month with Windows Phone 8.1.

Another bug I specifically encountered was that I’m not receiving notifications for any conversation. Maybe that’s just a unique case, I’ll do the uninstall-reinstall schtick and report back, but until then, you guys go ahead and download it. I have a feeling you’d enjoy it.

Check out the screenshot gallery here:

  • Saurav Srivastava

    Just started using it. I second your comment that this needs a black theme. Too much white space which affects the battery on my Lumia 925.

    There are also some visual bugs such as the characters are not centre aligned when you try to search by a letter in the roster.

    On my Lumia 925 using all latest version of stable apps, tapping on “take a photo” works fine and opens Nokia Camera.

    • ShibeshMehrotra

      Say whaaaa. Whatsapp too?
      Could be because it’s a PureView device. Oh well.

      • Saurav Srivastava

        Yeah, WhatsApp also works fine.

  • Avi Sharma

    ahahaha shib :D