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Exclusive: Windows Phone 8.1 on a Lumia 920 [VIDEO]


Following up on the videos showing off the upcoming Swiping support in the Windows Phone keyboard and the Action Centre in the Windows Phone 8.1 update, we now have a video showing off Windows Phone 8.1 running in its full glory on the Nokia Lumia 920.

Here’s the list of the new Windows Phone features caught on camera in this video :

  • Speed Dial
    Another basic feature ticked off from the “Missing from Windows Phone” list. Nothing much to add here. Can be accessed from the phone log in a tab like History.
  • Internet Explorer
    Windows Phone 8.1 is bringing Internet Explorer 11, which will be covered in detail by us later on. Amongst the changes caught on camera here are:
    * Data Sense for Internet Explorer can now be configured from the main Internet Explorer settings.
    * There appears to be something called “Reading View. We will update the post tomorrow with more details on   the same tomorrow.
    * Password Manager for Web Sites
  • Calendar
    Took them long enough, but Calendar is finally getting a much needed feature bump with Week & Year views.
  • Battery Power Sense
    Another major addition for the Windows Phone platform, Battery Power Sense is a module which monitors detailed battery stats, including app wise battery usage. Hope this evolves into an informative live tile in time.
  • Photos
    Looks like the first major update to Photos hub is here. Now, upon opening the Photos hub, you are directly taken to an All Photos view. Also, Facebook & SkyDrive (Now OneDrive) albums appear to have finally been nested under online albums, instead of being made visible by default along with your local albums.
  • Storage Sense
    The Storage settings module has now been renamed to Storage Sense and lets you configure where to store your new Music, Videos & Podcasts, Photos, Apps and Downloads from between your internal storage or SD card.
  • Podcasts
    Windows Phone finally has a dedicated Podcasts app with music and video support. You can search and subscribe to Podcasts from a list curated by Bing.
  • Project My Screen
    Project your phone’s display to a TV, Monitor or Projector using either a Wiressless Device or USB connectivity.
  • Sync Settings
    Now you can sync your Theme, Passwords and Internet Explorer data along with App Settings online.
  • Advertising ID
    You can now reset your Advertising ID.

There are only few of the new features and update coming to your Windows Phone devices with the 8.1 “Blue” update. Also, the build on video here is not the latest or the final build of Windows Phone 8.1. Expect the performance and features to be fine tuned by the time the build is finalised.