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Video: How Google’s Project Tango sees a Room

As you might have read yesterday, Project Tango is Google’s latest new experiment, being a smartphone that is capable of mapping the world around it.

Google Project Tango

Google showed off a prototype of the Android phone yesterday, to Techcrunch who got a first hand demo of the technology. They got the demo from Matterport, which is one of the first companies to have gotten a Project Tango prototype from Google, though 200 of them will be distributed to developers by mid-March apparently. The video below shows off Matterport’s own software, which uses Project Tango to captures “both color camera data and a full mesh of 3D data at once” using the device’s 4 megapixel camera. That might not be much in terms of resolution, but Google’s goal with this thing is to give smartphones a “human-scale understanding of space and motion” and it certainly seems to do just that in the video below. Check it out: