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Microsoft OneDrive launches with monthly storage plans, new Android app

OneDrive is the new SkyDrive. After a legal dispute resulted in Microsoft rebranding their online cloud storage service, OneDrive has now officially launched today.


The service launches with a new Android app which has automatic camera backups, so that any images or videos you take on your Android device can be automatically sent and backed up in OneDrive. The feature is already present in the iOS OneDrive app, and Windows Phone has this feature built-in. You can choose to upload on Wifi only, incase you dont want it using your data. There’s also the ability to choose image sizes incase you dont want to go over your 7GB of OneDrive storage. Here’s a cheesy video about OneDrive, by Microsoft:

Microsoft also announced monthly storage plans which start at $4.49 a month for 50GB, going up to $11.49 a month for 200GB. The company will also be giving away 100GB of free storage for a year, with more free stuff going to the first 100,000 people who log in at a certain timing, but Microsoft has sneakingly not mentioned what that timing would be, for users to log into their accounts to claim them. Instead you’re just going to have to watch OneDrive’s Twitter account.

More info over at OneDrive’s blog post at the link below.

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