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Nokia teases a giant ‘X’, strongly hints their first Android Phone is coming

As you probably know by now, Nokia is making their first Android phone and it’s been widely rumored that it’ll be called the “Nokia X“.

Nokia X

Nokia posted on their official blog today, about their Mobile World Congress 2014 press conference, and their teaser image was the image you see above, with four black arrows pointing to one center, to form a giant green “X” mark. Nokia’s twitter and facebook pages all went the same shade of green last week, which all seems to indicate that the company is strongly hinting that all the Nokia X Android phone rumors are indeed true. Additionally, @evleaks posted a new image of the Finnish company’s first Android phone, and it’s in exactly the same shade of green, once again:

The Nokia X is rumored to be an affordable smartphone with a 4-inch display, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, a 5 megapixel rear camera and will run a forked version of Android with all of Google’s services stripped out.

Just a couple days more until we see this one.

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  • malc

    Ha ha. Last year we said it would never happen. Can’t wait for a high end Nokia android phone. Will definitely trade in my LG G2 for it.