Exclusive: Swipe Keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1 “Blue” [VIDEO]

Although it has only been rumoured to be coming with Windows Phone 8.1 “Blue” release, we now have an exclusive video showcasing the Swipe keyboard in action on Windows Phone 8.1. Check it out, below:

The Swipe functionality works as expected, with the user having to swipe his fingers across letters like Swype & SwiftKey. Combined with the superior Word-Flow keyboard in Windows Phone 8, I am confident the Windows Phone 8.1 Swipe Keyboard will be one of the best onscreen keyboards around.

Another nice addition that you might have noticed towards the end of the video is the Emoticon prediction after having typed the word “Happy”. This should do away with having to press a key to switch to the Emoticon view and then having to select the emoticon. Nice & Simple addition by Microsoft.

Another feature that seems to have been added with this Windows Phone 8.1 update is the option to Capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Another convenient addition.



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