Greenify Rolls Out V2.00, Now Supports Non Root Android Devices

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 2.48.38 pm

If you have an Android device and are reading this, chances are that you are Rooted. One of the most useful Root Only apps so far has been Oasis Feng’s masterpiece: Greenify. It is an app that hibernates background applications and doesn’t allow them to run until you explicitly open them.

There are quite a few apps on the Android ecosystem that suck battery when in the background, like the official Facebook app. Greenify-ing them allows you to use the apps when you want, and doesn’t let them hog processor cycles in the background.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 2.48.38 pm

Proper use of Greenify results in a noticeably smoother Android experience and improved battery life. We are great fans of the app and after Titanium Backup, this is the next app we usually install on our Android devices. Greenify so far has been Root Only, so the large majority of Android users could not use it. With the v2.0.0 update, any Android user can now Greenify their apps.

“Greenify now works on non-root devices! Try out the non-root working mode (without automatic hibernation due to privilege restriction). Shortcut “Hibernate All” can now be created also from main menu in Greenify. Greatly improved the stability of auto-hibernation service, especially on Android 4.4+.”


You can download Greenify for Free from the Play Store Link here. In case you don’t have Play Store access, you can download the APK directly from the dev’s site here You can also buy the Premium Version here that gives you access to more experimental features. Props to them for resisting Google’s insane 15 minute Refund limit.

=== 3 Days Refund Guarantee ===

Don’t worry about the 15 minutes window, just relax and explore all the features. Refund requested in Google Wallet within 3 days is guaranteed. (though the refund may take some days to process manually)

We suggest giving Greenify a try and freezing all the apps you don’t use regularly. You are bound to see less lag and better battery life on your Android device.