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Screenshot of Supposed Nokia Android Phone Leaked

This is apparently a screenshot from the Android-running Nokia Normandy prototype that’s been leaked a gazillion times in the last few weeks.

Nokia AndroidNokia Android

Apparently it’s missing the virtual keys though. This comes from good ol’ @evleaks once again, and the screenshots definitely look very Asha-like in terms of UI. Rumor has it Nokia is working on an Android phone that is meant for the budget smartphone market and runs a heavy UI on top that’s designed to make it look a lot like their Asha UI, and with google services stripped out. From the screenshots, we can see a dialer, skype app, and very Asha 500-like homescreen, with dual-sim support.

Still not entirely convinced about this one but hey, this is the year Nokia becomes Microsoft, so who knows! Then again, who knows if this device will ever be released. Maybe it’s just an in-house Nokia project, heh.

  • Thilak Rao

    Ahh.. This makes sense. MSFT anyways makes more money from Android sales than Windows Phone from licensing royalties. I’m not one bit surprised!

  • keithzg

    Likely they just repurposed some of the work they had done towards Meltemi into an Android experiment to try and pressure Microsoft into buying them out. All they have to do now is not blink until the deal finally goes through and Nokia’s handset division is owned by Microsoft. So, I sincerely doubt they’ll release it in the meantime.

  • Shravan

    I think they got it wrong. The dialer looks like the Viber app dialer. Someone should have fudged up the screens :