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Nokia permanently shuts down submissions to Symbian App Store

Way back in October last year, Nokia announced that they would be ending all developer and app support for Symbian (and MeeGo) on January 1st 2014. That date passed by two days ago and as such the Nokia/Ovi Store will no longer accept any more apps or games from developers, or even any updates for that matter.

Ovi Store on N9 and N950

The app store is still open for the time being though, so you can still download apps or games that are currently on the store, and developers will continue to earn revenue from apps. The official Symbian Signed twitter account announced the news yesterday:

Now, incase y’all forgot about it, Symbian phone owners can still manually download an app from a developer or 3rd party site in the form of installable .sisx files, so there’s a chance you might still be able to get some few apps/games from super-dedicated developers. That being said, perhaps it’s time to switch over to another smartphone platform, eh?