UnleashTV Special – The Best & Worst of Mobile in 2013

Riiiigght in the nick of time, we managed to record this year’s UnleashTV special, annual episode of what we thought was the best and worst in mobile. This time, for 2013!


Last year we saw a 41 Megapixel camera phone, higher resolution screens and faster processors. This year, we also saw a 41 Megapixel camera phone, higher resolution screens and faster processors but clearly some phones did better than most. Not every piece of technology worked out this year, but some things worked out really well. If anything, this was the year we saw wearable technology debut, as well as some very bendy phones.

Alvin, Yash and I sat down to focus on a couple categories, and what we thought was:

  • The Best Phone of the Year
  • The Worst Phone of the Year
  • The Best Tablet of the Year
  • The Worst Tablet of the Year
  • Best Accessory of the Year
  • Most Future-proof Phone of the Year
  • Most Interesting Phone of the Year
  • And lastly, my new favourite category: Phones that make no sense but are highly desirable anyway

And with that quickly-put-together introduction, I present to you:-

UnleashTV: The Best & Worst of Mobile in 2013

I have to give a quick shoutout to the guys from The Voicemail. They were supposed to be on this episode but unfortunately I couldnt decide on a timing that worked for us, but hopefully we’ll have an episode with them next year! Be sure to check out their podcast though, it’s both informative and entertaining, at the same time!

Agree or Disagree with any opinions or things said on the show? Well let us know in the comments right below y’all, or over at the YouTube video.

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