How To – Transfer contacts from Symbian to Android / iPhone

I keep coming across requests from friends about how can they transfer contacts from a Symbian device to any of the new gen web services or an Android or iPhone.


After trying out various methods on different occasions and having had to look into it every time, I finally came across the easiest guide to transfer the contacts from a Symbian device to any of the web services or whatever new device you want to transfer them to without having to rely on any third party app.

Here’s how you should go about it :

1. Open Contacts app on your Symbian phone.
2. Open Options and Select Mark > Mark All.
3. Open Options and Select Copy > Copy to Mass Memory / Memory Card.
4. Connect the phone to the computer and copy the contacts folder to computer [eg. - D:\Contacts]
5. Open Command Prompt [Press Windows Key + R and type CMD]
6. Navigate to D:\Contacts in Command Prompt and enter the following command: “copy *.vcf allcontacts.vcf”

This will combine the multiple vcf files you copied over from the Symbian phone to that contacts folder into a single vcf file.

You can then import this all contacts.vcf file in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, iCloud or even directly in your Android phone.

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