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Nexus 5 To Be Sold By Telstra in Australia; $696 price tag

Nexus 5

LG Australia announced carrier availability for the Nexus 5 earlier this week. While the Nexus 5 has been available to buy in Australia through Google’s Play Store, there was no word on which (if any) carriers would stock the device. It has been confirmed that Telstra are indeed ranging the latest Nexus flagship, but there is a catch.

The Nexus 5 will sell outright, for $696, where as Google Play stocks the 16 and 32gb versions for $399 and $449 respectively. So why the huge jump in price? LG puts this down to Google selling with zero profit, or even at a loss. Also, it is believed that the higher price tag comes due to the fact that selling in stores means staff training, in-store displays, customer support etc, increasing the price for the consumer.

Our advice? Go directly to Google!