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Logitech UE Boombox Review

Way back in 2008, Logitech acquired a little company called Ultimate Ears. That was honestly the first time I actually heard of the company, but dayum am I glad I heard something FROM the company.

Logitech UE Boombox Review

For the last three weeks I’ve had the immense pleasure of trialing the Logitech Ultimate Ears Boombox. Here’s what I think of them.


The Unboxing:-


Here’s what you get with the box:-


The Design:-


The Logitech UE boombox were built from the ground up to accommodate 8 internal drivers in a sleek, new design that combines simplicity and solid constructed.


The design is so simple infact, that you won’t even see Logitech branding on it. Instead, all you’ll notice is tiny UE branding towards the left side of the front grille.


The minimalistic styling, combined with the brushed, perforated aluminum housing and the looped carrying handle on top, all make for a very premium looking portable speaker.


The UE Boombox can wirelessly play music over Bluetooth, but there’s also a line-in audio port so that you can listen to an iPod classic or any device that doesn’t support Bluetooth audio, over an external 3.5 mm cable.


The entire ‘box’ measures about 15.2 inches long, and is rectangular, with a vertical row of buttons and ports on one (left) side, and huge volume up/down buttons on the other (right) side.


On the left side, at the very top is a large Bluetooth connect button, which allows you to put the speakers in pairing mode by long pressing it.


Underneath that, is the power switch, the aforementioned 3.5 mm audio-in port, and the inlet for the power adapter for when you’d want to charge the 6 hour battery.

In terms of build quality, the UE boombox is incredibly well put together, and way tougher than any portable wireless speaker we’ve reviewed before. The die-cast aluminum grille is solid, and protects the speakers from harm and somewhat, hopefully also protects it from dust. At the bottom, the entire section is wrapped in a thick rubber that stops the speakers from moving around when placed on a smooth surface.

All in all, the minimalistic design is really slick. The only criticism I have, is that the white version can get pretty faded and dinged up no matter how much care you take of it, especially the rubber part. I kinda wish Logitech included a case for it, though carrying it around is pretty easy thanks to the handle up top.


The controls and pairing work pretty much exactly the same as other Bluetooth speakers: you make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your music player and discoverable, hold down the Bluetooth button on the UE boombox, find and pair with it on your music player or phone, and that’s it. The UE boombox can simultaneously connect to three different Bluetooth sources, so you can also keep it connected to your phone, iPad and laptop all at the same time, for example. Only one device can play music though, ofcourse.


The Sound Quality:-


I had pretty high expectations out of the UE Boombox, and my first impressions right in the first few minutes, was that it is way, waaay louder than Logitech’s previous ‘wireless boombox for iPad’ speakers.


There’s dual half inch tweeters which mean solid treble, and two 3 inch woofers which means tight high level frequencies, and a balanced midsection. The four custom-tuned 2.75 inch passive radiators, coupled with the rubber casing surrounding them, result in much deeper bass as well. Ad a result, the UE Boombox outperforms other premium wireless speakers like the Jawbone Big Jambox. The only speakers we’ve reviewed that sounded better, were the Bose Soundlink, but they cost way more than the UEs. The Boombox delivers very impressive performance, especially considering it’s size and price tag.


Music was smooth and distortion-free, throughout the frequency range, for all genres of music, from jazz and rock or hip-hop and even a little dubstep. You can control the volume from your phone/device or the speakers themselves, and boy, can this thing get loud. You can definitely use these are party speakers for a living room, or even an apartment. I took the Boombox over to a friend’s lawn party and everyone couldn’t believe how freaking loud they can get. Very, very impressive.

Of course, I should note that sound quality also improves over a wired connection. Like all wireless speakers, you do lose some details in the whole Bluetooth wireless compression process.


The Video Overview:-


Here’s a quick video overview of the Logitech UE Boombox. Just to give you a better idea:


The Conclusion:-


I have to say, I’m deeply impressed by the Logitech UE Boombox. A friend of mine needed a speaker for a lawn party after hers broke down so I took the UE Boombox along, and everyone, literally everyone, at the party was suprised by how loud those eight powerful internal drivers can get, and how solid the sound quality was, especially considering it is a portable, wireless bluetooth speaker.


The Logitech UE Boombox is perfect for a backyard dinner party and more than enough for an average living room or even hall. The 6 hours of battery life, means it’ll keep going for a while, and the durable chasis with it’s sleek handle means you can carry it around, enjoying the music all around your house, at a picnic or at the beach. The only issue I had with it, was that the rubber casing tends to fade and get dinged up.

If you’re looking for a versatile, loud, solid wireless speaker, I highly recommend the Logitech UE Boombox. It’s a bit pricey, but still cheaper than Bose’s offering, and will probably last you years. Definitely worth checking out.