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Jawbone Mini Jambox: Unboxing and First Impressions



2013 seems to be the year of downsized portable Bluetooth speakers, with the launch of the Jabra Solemate Mini and the Jawbone Mini Jambox. Today, I’m taking a look at the Mini Jambox, the third product in Jawbone’s Jambox product range.



The Mini Jambox comes in packaging that is reminiscent of Jawbone’s other products. The box is comprised of two halves, one of which lifts off to reveal the speaker sitting in its tray. Below the tray are a USB to microUSB cable for charging and data transfer, a 3.5mm audio cable and a quick start guide.





The Mini Jambox is impressively small and light, and I could picture myself actually carrying this around my bag. Compared to my Solemate, it is shorter and 3x flatter while being slightly less wide. It would be excellent for travel and friends’ parties; at 255g, it isn’t much heavier than an average smartphone. The Mini Jambox is wonderfully solid with a unibody aluminium construction; it features a range of unique colour options coupled to speaker grille designs.





In terms of design, the Mini Jambox is reminiscent of its bigger siblings while being even more refined. While it is essentially a rectangular block with sharp angles and smooth faces, it has rubber feet on the bottom and soft-touch panels on the sides. The speaker grille pattern (a dotted pattern, in my case) is mirrored on the back of the speaker, which I think is an interesting touch and adds some tactility to the speaker. In terms of physical controls, you’ve got a Play/Pause button and volume controls on the top, a power button and pairing button on the side along with a microUSB port and 3.5mm audio input jack. There is a status LED integrated into the power button which gives you information about charging status among other things.



Pairing is a very easy process; pressing and holding the pairing button makes the Mini Jambox discoverable by any Bluetooth-equipped device. The Jawbone app for Android provides battery level information in the notification tray.


Battery life has been pretty great so far; leaving the speaker on standby for long periods of time consumes next to no power at all, and around 2-3 hours of active use has only caused the battery to dip by around 10%. I’ll be using the speaker as much as I can over the next week or so, and I’ll have a full review available soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Mini Jambox, do sound off in the comments section below!