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Nokia partners with National Geographic to highlight the Lumia 1020, gets some amazing images

National Geographic’s award winning photographer, Stephen Alvarez got a Nokia Lumia 1020 while he toured Southwestern United States, and the results are pretty fantastic.


Stephen Alvarez, who’s been with Nat Geo from 1995, went on a ten day trip along with the Lumia 1020 and stopped over in scenic places like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and a couple other places. Nokia Conversations has a blog post with a whole lot of comments from Stephen about the 1020, but my personal favourite is this one:


“What the Nokia Lumia 1020 does astounds me – these results, from a smartphone, are stunning. I have used a lot off camera phones so when I set out on this assignment I had my doubts, my doubts are gone – nothing else compares.”


Apparently he was able to print 22 inch images that look like they came from a proper DSLR, which is a pretty good endorsement for the 1020, heh. Nat Geo also has a section dedicated to the partnership with Nokia, where you can read about the trip, check out images, or enter a contest to win a photography masterclass with Stephen in Puerto Rico!




Some of these images are apparently going to appear in the 125th Anniversary Photography Edition of the National Geographic. This is definitely a partnership I approve of, heh. Now if Nokia would just release the freakkin 1020 in the *rest* of the world, gah!