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GO Dance Announced for iOS Devices, New Mobile Rhythm Game that Utilises FaceTime Camera


SEGA have today announced GO DANCE, a new mobile rhythm based game for iOS devices (such as the iPhone and iPad) that will utilise the FaceTime Camera.

Basically GO DANCE is a dancing game that will be played by using the Apple FaceTime camera, whereby scores are determinded by the interaction received from the player. So if a players dances to the moves shown on iPhone / iPad screen correctly then points will be awarded, however failing to meet the moves means that those moves will be counted as a miss, and no points awarded.

In retrospect it’s exactly the same concept as the Kinect & Dance Central, except this time its portable, as Haruki Satomi, CEO of SEGA Networks, explains:

“GO DANCE is an innovative and fun way for players to interact with their iPhone or iPad and enjoy playing a dance game anytime and anywhere. We’re excited to push mobile to the limit and to have the opportunity to explore the possibilities of using this new motion-based sensor technology.”

Further gameplay details will be revealed in the near future, but we do know it will need iOS6 in order to be played and that the game is hoping for a Autumn / Winter 2013 release period.

via: ZOMGPlay