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Grab the new 2013 Nokia ringtone

Nokia is a company that pays a lot of attention to the ringtones used in their mobile phones. Most famous of all of them though, is the ‘Nokia Ringtone‘ which uses a section of the Grande Valse, and is probably the most recognized ringtone of all time.

Nokia Ringtone 2013

Nokia even held a contest to remake their famous ringtone two years ago, which resulted in a pretty okay dubstep remix, but their (later) 2013 phones have a new version of the ringtone that’s simple, and modern at the same time. I noticed it on the Lumia 925, but I was really hoping Nokia would release it for download so that Nokia fans with older devices might also be able to use the new ringtone. Well, lo and behold, Nokia did just that, and released the new tune over on their soundcloud account, along with their new message and email tones, and older ringtones as well.

Check out Nokia’s soundcloud, right over at the link below. What do you think of the new tune? Like it or not a fan? Let us know whatchya think!

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