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Video – Amber Update for Nokia Lumia 920


At the Nokia Lumia 925 launch event in London last month, Nokia also announced the Amber update for the Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices. The Amber update is supposed to be the Windows Phone GDR2 update along with exclusive features by Nokia for their Lumia devices.

Along with hundreds of small quality improvements, the Amber update will bring the following features and updates to the Lumia range of devices –

  • Always ON Clock
  • Double Tap to Wake
  • Nokia Smart Camera App
  • Enable FM Radio Support
  • Enable DataSense feature on more carriers
  • CalDav & CardDav support
  • More Backgrounds for Lockscreen

While GDR2 and Amber are both still being worked upon, we got a sneak peak at an early build of the Amber update running on the Nokia Lumia 920. As of now, this build only had the Always on clock, double tap to wake, the new Data Sense, new Backgrounds and the Smart Camera App. The remaining GDR2 features will be included in the Amber update when it is finally ready for release.

So here it is, the Amber update for the Nokia Lumia 920 in action (YouTube Link) –

We will keep you guys updated as soon as we hear anything more on the Amber update. The last we heard, Nokia Spain said that the Amber update should be made available somewhere in August.