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Nokia Asha 501 – Early Impressions


After being unveiled last month in Delhi, The Nokia Asha 501 is finally ready to hit the shelves across India in a few days. Our review device arrived a few days ago, and here are our early impressions of the next generation of the Nokia Asha story.


How cute can a phone get! The Asha 501 is hands down the cutest little phone I have come across ever. I have already gotten more queries from curious onlookers for this phone than even the Yellow Lumias. I cannot stress how much I love this shade of red that Nokia has opted for. The back cover has such a rich feel to it, and given that you can buy the cover in different colours and change them, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of the looks of this little beauty.

But looks were not why I was looking forward to this beauty. The USP of the Asha 501 is the Swipe based user experience, and from whatever I have seen of it till now, it doesn’t disappoint! The speed, responsiveness, animations, and just about every aspect of the software look very promising. I’ll reserve my final judgement for the proper review, but for now, color me impressed. The keyless swipe based interface isn’t just a gimmick, but makes the smaller screen phones even more productive as the onscreen area isn’t wasted with buttons and keys.

My biggest concern with this small screen size and a fully touch based UI was the onscreen keyboard. Typing was one of the biggest shortcomings of the first generation Asha Touch OS on the Asha 311 & the other devices. But my oh my! The keyboard on the Asha 501 is absolutely fantastic. I would even go as far as saying that it is better than the Symbian keyboard. Perhaps the wider resolution helps with the spacing of the keys. I was surprised to see the presence of word prediction on the Asha 501 keyboard.

Look forward to our detailed review of the Asha 501 in the coming days. Also, leave comments if you wish to know anything about the phone or would want to see it covered in our coverage of the phone.

  • Ajit Joshi

    Well OS may behave funny that’s my Asha 300 does

  • mobileyog

    does it have voip? Internet telephone under settings->connectivity

  • Jed

    How’s the low screen resolution? Does it bother you too much or is it tolerable?