Nokia will stop shipping Symbian phones this summer

Nokia will stop shipping Symbian phones this summer according to a recent report by the Financial Times.


As you might know, the Nokia 808 PureView was the last Symbian phone made by the company, after which they renamed the platform to Nokia Belle. Even though people still called it Symbian, heh.

Nokia has been pushing their Lumia Windows Phones, run by Microsoft’s mobile operating system which is their primary smartphone OS. Inspite of that shipments of their Windows Phones only surpassed shipments of their Symbian phones in Q4 2012, and Nokia still managed to sell about 500,000 Symbian devices in Q1 2013.

Now onwards though, Nokia will be entirely focused on their Windows Phone Smartphones. End of an era, eh? I wonder who will get the *last* Symbian phone out there somewhere.

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  • Tejas

    Still using Nokia C7 with Belle. Its lacks hardware but is still one of the better looking phone in the market. Does almost all daily activities. Hope to keep it for long time.