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Nokia introduces ‘Glance Screen’ Beta for Lumia, Brings Double-Tap to Wake

Nokia introduced a new ‘Glance Screen’ beta today, for Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices on the amber update (which currently limits it to just the Lumia 925).

Nokia Glance Screen

Glance Screen is something that Nokia had on their Symbian phones for a while now, but the nomenclature is new. Basically, it brings in the ability for Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phones to display a clock on the standby screen along with a battery level indicator and most importantly, double-tap to wake functionality ala Nokia N9.

As a result, the phone will always show you the clock on it’s standby screen, even when it’s not in use. And at night, the phone uses a dimmer version with more minimal text and indicators, so as to not disturb you. The feature works great on AMOLED displays where individual pixels can be turned on or off, though there’s no word on how exactly it’ll work on LCD screens like the one on the Lumia 920.

The Amber update is coming to other Lumia Windows Phones next month, but in the meanwhile if you have a Nokia Lumia 925, check out Glance Screen and let us know whatchya think of it, eh?

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  • Vesta12

    Can’t wait for this phone, a perfect replacement for my already aged N8 :). But if Nokia South Africa prices it out of the market, which is possible judging by how expensive the Lumia 920 was, I might be forced to opt for the S4. Worse, there’s no availability talks whatsoever!

    • Mohammad Sarim

      I think S4 is more expensive than Lumia. And anyway, there’s no comparison of Windows Phone with a Lagdroid. I must say, you should get a Lumia 920, if you’re not very particular about aluminium body. Feature wise Lumia 920 is a tad superior (built-in Wireless Charging).

  • Mohammad Sarim

    I wish it works with LCD screens (Lumia 920). I always coveted it for my N97 mini, when Symbian S^3 came out.