[Twitter wars] HTC UK vs Samsung Mobile UK – Fight!

So this happened on the Twitters today:

HTC UK vs Samsung UK

Guess HTC finally is actually getting aggressive after all, eh? I found this absolutely hilarious but the question being debated right now is whether is this clever or juvenile. What do you think? Are you #TeamHTC or #TeamSamsung? Should companies go at each other on Twitter?

Personally, I’m grabbing the popcorn and hoping for more hahaha. This seems playful enough, and not too bad (yet). Ofcourse HTC in their last tweet is referencing the fact that Samsung was caught paying people to trash talk HTC’s products on the internet.

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  • http://www.virteacon.com/ Vinesh Balan

    Ah! Everyone getting into the brawl. Personally, I think HTC was a bit too aggressive. I mean, if you do this, how different are you from the cry babies?