Run Google Glass on your Android device

I’ll admit, while I’m skeptical about Google Glass, I am indeed very curious about how it all works. Luckily, someone over at the Glass Explorers Google+ page has managed to find a way for all Android users to run what is basically the Google Glass OS.

Google Glass on Android phone

Basically, some clever developers took a system dump of the Glass OS and repackaged parts of it as three APK files, that you just install like any other app. After which, you’ll have a new launcher on your Android device, called Glass Home. Launching it will show you the same UI that glass users see, though you’ll be seeing it on your phone instead of in front of your eyes, heh.

You’re able to use the “OK, Glass” command to wake the app up and start giving voice commands like talking a picture, or conducting Google Searches, etc. Unfortunately not all parts work just yet, so you cant, for example, share any pictures you take #throughglass, nor can you get directions since that feature requires touch-pad interaction.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, then head on over to the Xenologer Github page for more info, and to download the APK files.

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    WOw nver thought we could run glass on andriod