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Samsung Designers think Galaxy S4 design is ‘like nothing you’ve ever seen before’

Here’s a new video from Samsung talking about the Galaxy S4’s design. While the Galaxy S III was apparently inspired by nature, Samsung asked themselves the question “How can we change people’s lives for the better?” and concluded that the answer to that question was toning down the curves and tweaking the design of the Galaxy S4, making the phone thinner while still managing to put in a larger display and introduce “emotional elements” through color, material, and finish.


Apparently that all makes the Galaxy S4 appear to be “like nothing you’ve ever seen before” with a glossy finish that supposedly looks like “countless stars sparkling in the night sky.” Eesh. Samsung’s designers also talk about the gloss-coated faux-metal strip along the phone’s sides, which stands out compared to the plastics used in the rest of the phone. Check out the video, right below:

This is the design story of GALAXY S4 to show Samsung designers ceaesless efforts to have created GALAXY S4 as a life companion for customers.

Heh, kinda funny because I think I’ve seen the Galaxy S4’s design before, in the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Grand and other recent Samsung phones.

  • Guest

    Hell yeah, the design is sooooo not similar with your other recent phones.

  • shennawew

    Do they understand the meaning of the word ”Irony” ?