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[GALLERY] White & Black Galaxy S4 w/ HTC One, Galaxy Nexus

Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 in India a couple of days ago. On Saturday evening, they had a star-studded event in Mumbai, where they showcased the device for us. Here are some pictures we took of the Galaxy S4.

The Two S4's by aatifsumar ) on
The Galaxy S4 comes in two colors, black and white.

S4 White by aatifsumar ) on
We personally preferred the White color to the black. Usually, color doesn’t really matter to me but in this case I found the black to be a lot glossier than the white, causing it to be a veritable fingerprint magnet.

Flimsy back Cover of S4 by aatifsumar ) on

S4 Back Cover by aatifsumar ) on
The back cover of the phone is made of the same sturdy-but-feels-like-it-will-disintegrate-in-your-hands plastic that the S2 and S3 had.

Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy S4 by aatifsumar ) on

Here is the Galaxy S4 next to our Galaxy Nexus. As you can see, there isn’t much difference in height between the two, but the Galaxy Nexus is marginally narrower.

Glossy Back S4 by aatifsumar ) on
Here you can see the glossy black of the Galaxy S4. See what I mean about the fingerprint magnet?

HTC One vs Galaxy S 4 by aatifsumar ) on

So @krazyfrog has the HTC One with him, and we decided to get some comparison shots of the two.

HTC One vs Galaxy S 4 Back by aatifsumar ) on
As you can see, dimensions of the two are almost exactly the same. The S4 has a 5″ screen compared to the One’s 4.7″, but the One has those front facing speakers that everyone loves.
HTC One vs Galaxy S 4 Thickness by aatifsumar ) on
Here are the S4 and One from the side. Again, not much difference in thickness either.
HTC One vs Galaxy S 4 Side by aatifsumar ) on
Build quality of the two devices is where the real difference arises. The One feels way more premium than the S4, though this shouldn’t be mistaken as a sign that the S4 cannot stand abuse. That plastic can really take a beating, though sadly, it ends up showing on the device. My SGS 1 fell like a million times before that one fall that shattered the screen.
HTC One vs Galaxy S 4 Cameras by aatifsumar ) on
The One and the S4 are arguably the two devices to watch out for in the year 2013. Are you planning to pick up either of them? Or are you confused? Stay tuned.

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