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Galaxy Of Celebrities At Samsung’s Mumbai Event (And An S4 Was Launched)

What do you do when you made the best selling Android smartphone of 2012, the Galaxy S3, when your low end and medium end phones are selling by the millions and when your overpriced Galaxy Grand too is selling great? Well, you cram in as many celebrities as humanly possible into a room for the launch of your next device, of course!
S4 White by aatifsumar ) on
S4 White by aatifsumar

In a move that reinforces the fact that they are now the big boys of the Indian cell phone market, Samsung (or rather, Reliance Digital, their Sales Partner) did exactly that in the city of Mumbai on Saturday evening. With more B-List celebrities than this writer can recognize in a lifetime, and their respective entourages, followed by loads of mainstream reporters jostling for a shot of the aforesaid B-Listers in their finest, it was quite a hilarious sight.
Crazy Crowd by aatifsumar ) on
Crazy Crowd by aatifsumar
There were even a couple of IPL Players present, one of them being Adam Gilchrist.
The Media by aatifsumar ) on
The Media by aatifsumar
Samsung then decided to ‘entertain’ us with their own rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, with a Samsung touch, of course.

Samsung Gangnam Style 2 by aatifsumar ) on
Samsung Gangnam Style 2 by aatifsumar

Then Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh performed a bit, showing the advantages of the Galaxy S4, and then danced to Samsung’s version of Gangnam Style, complete with Hindi lyrics boasting of the Galaxy S4’s features.
Samsung Gangnam Style 3 by aatifsumar ) on
Samsung Gangnam Style 3 by aatifsumar
You can also check out @gauravh1’s hilarious video of the Samsung-ed version of Gangnam Style:

Once this was all over and the celebrities sat back down in their places, all the cameras rushed to the front to get pictures of them, with their backs to the stage. This is when the execs at Samsung India and Reliance Digital decided to come on stage to talk about the Galaxy S4.
Samsung Folk by aatifsumar ) on
Samsung Folk by aatifsumar
We couldn’t help feel a twinge of pity for them, considering how no one seemed to be listening to what they were saying.
And that, children, is how the Galaxy S4 launched in Mumbai.

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