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[Contest] Plantronics & UnleashThePhones Summer Giveaway

Plantronics Contest UnleashThePhones

Plantronics Contest UnleashThePhones

Whether you own an iPhone, a Windows Phone or an Android phone or tablet, chances are you’ve probably wondered about how a bluetooth headset would change how you use your device. And thanks to our favourite Bluetooth Audio company, Plantronics, you now have the chance to get your hands on some! We’ll be handing out a couple of their awesome products to our lucky readers this Summer, and the list includes:

  • 2 X Plantronics Voyager Legend (One for each winner)
  • 2 X Plantronics Marque 165 (One for each winner)

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment letting us know “What is the one feature that you most look at while buying a Bluetooth headset and Why?”. Bonus points for telling us why that feature is important to you. You can check out their website at the link below to go through their entire lineup, and look at their various features, to help you make a decision. Good luck!

Now, for the fine print…


The rules:

  • Leave a comment below. As we said, all you have to do is tell us ‘What is the one feature that you most look at while buying a Bluetooth headset and why?’. Duplicate entries will be filtered out and discarded, so adding additional comments won’t increase your likelihood of winning.
  • The contest is open from 4PM IST on April 29th, 2013 and ends at 11:59PM on May 6th , 2013.
  • The contest is only open to legal residents of India. We’d love to invite everyone to enter but various legal ramifications means we’re forced to stick with this rule.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly by UnleashThePhones’ staff and Plantronics India using a randomizer.
  • The Winners will be notified by email, so please try to make sure you enter that in correctly. If you comment using Facebook or Twitter, we’ll contact you there, but please make sure your Facebook privacy settings allow messages and/or display your email address. On Twitter please make sure to follow @UnleashPhones so that it’s easier for us to get in touch with you. Winners must respond within three days of being contacted and if you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.


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  • Zuze Ulric D’silva

    Battery life… if you are having a long day you definitely need it and helps in ways we don’t really foresee.

  • Jay Gudhka

    Background Noise cancellation because without that when you’re in a crowded place, the person you are talking to will find it really hard to understand what you’re saying.

  • Manish

    Audio Clarity, Because that is the most vital and basic feature expected out of a Bluetooth Headset.

  • Rupesh

    Battery life and great sound is what i need !

  • Ishaan Arora

    sound quality and loudness

    no point carrying a BT heaset when you can’t hear clearly half the stuff

  • Arshdeep Panesar

    Lightness and sound quality.
    These are the two points points I look into a bluetooth handset because more it is light more easy it is to use and quality is definitely required

  • Ashwin

    Audio clarity, i.e the Earpiece & microphone quality are the important things I would look for in a BT headset, next would be the battery life. Comfort also plays a factor. Support for BT 3.0 for multiple device pairing would be an added advantage.

  • Rishikesh Jha

    Comfort : It’s the most important thing,if its not comfortable I can’t decide the other features

  • Kshitij Shah

    Audio Clarity : It has to be the top priority in a BT Headset, comfort is a close second

  • Paresh Thakkar

    Long Battery Life – even in standby mode, Active Noise cancellation to have quality conversations, a2dp [Bluetooth v4] for excellent music quality. should be using a standard charging connector – no use carrying two chargers when traveling.

  • Ayush Agnihotri

    Active noise cancellation, because, while riding/traveling, the traffic noise doesn’t let the other person hearing me at all, thus, effectively rendering the call useless.

  • Swagatam Mukherjee

    audio clarity: because, there’s no use of using it unless you get to hear properly.

  • ram kumar

    Every single bluetooth device has reasonable battery life or clarity or comfort, what it really misses is the battery level indicator!. It happened me a dozen times i wud take my device for long trip only to note that battery was only low, so a simple battery level indicator will definitely save my day!!

  • Sourabh Shrotriya

    Certainty is what matters most, the trust that pressing the button or voice activation will act in a expected way when a cal comes or when i want to make a call. Voice clarity also is necessity but that comes as standard in any premium bluetooth headdset.

  • Tanay Chaturvedi

    Considering the lives we lead where background sound seems to be an everyday companion, the one feature that would fall on the top of my priority list would be noise cancellation. The sounds in the back might drive me crazy but ‘Headset’ save the person on the other side.

  • Tanay Chaturvedi

    There is hardly any difference left in the devices I use for work and personal life. The ultimate headset would be one that connects with all my devices and allows me to seamlessly manage work and play effectively.

  • Mohammad Sarim

    I would prefer a headset with excellent call quality, so that I may use it in noisy ambience too. Battery life is equally important, but the most important thing is the ease of use. How it handles call accept/reject is the deciding factor.

  • nishkarsh

    lightweight and noise cancellation, because it shouldn’t be heavy on the ear and it should deliver only voice no noise.

  • Hemanth Desai

    I would like to have one which is stereo based and would enable me to connect with two devices without scanning everyone I change from my mobile to my tablet or my laptop.

  • Yugendran

    These bluetooth headsets become a pair when they dont have a perfect design ergonomics fitting in your ear and must have additional inbuilt FM capabiilities as BB and Wp8 handsets doesn’t feature a fm radio .. That’s the reason I would forsake the traditional models and prefer more customizable headsts like Sony MW 600 .. Its a dual purpose headset that lets you attend the call and when not you could just listen to FM Radio Music …

  • Nitansh

    Most of the bluetooth earphones have decent audio quality and battery life. But, I still think they aren’ that “comfortable” in comparison to wired in-ear earphone, so I hope bluetooth earphones will have better ergonomics for comfortability!

  • rahcool

    Hola CJ !

    For me ” the one feature that you most look at while buying a Bluetooth headset ” is that it should be SWEAT PROOF . My Previous bluetooth Plantronics explorer 210 got damaged due to sweat wandering on my hairs . #NorthSummers

  • sanjeev sehrawat

    Audio clarity, i.e the Earpiece & microphone quality are the important things I would look for in a BT headset, next would be the battery life.

  • @utkarsh007

    I mostly look at the comfort level the bluetooth is. Its style and design which would be easily fit on my ear. This thing i look because while travelling in local trains the chances of wired headsets is more likely than a bluetooth one and can’t be practically used in a crowded train. So this feature comes in my mind.

  • Ishaan Ahuja

    Nice looks, decent battery life, good audio & microphone quality, excellent portability factor, a little durable and water/sweat resistant to some extent.

  • Vaibhav Malik

    First priority would be the DURABILITY of the device i.e. they MUST be Dust/Water Proof & don’t get damaged easily(as it creates probs. while travelling in a country like India) … & Second would be the Noise cancellation by Mic. & Earpiece (especially while travelling)

  • Amol Mathur

    The one top feature which I look for in a Bluetooth Headset is the battery life. And why is it important to me is because if the battery life is decent enough then rest of the features apart from the sound quality can be adjusted with.

  • Akash Batra

    The top feature would be ease of connectivity which would include both – time taken to connect a device each time as well as multi-device pairing. But one feature that plays an extremely crucial role is the design, the ear shape is intricate and comfort & fit is what brands need to focus more on.

  • Tanish Lulla

    If it is compatible with my phone ;)

  • Anil Mishra

    I feel a bluetooth should have clear voice command recognition without need to press button on it. Also noise cancellation and a display which gives all necessary info without even touching the phone.. All should be wireless..

  • anshul goel

    a feature which could distinguish between important and unimportant noises and thus allow user to listen all important voices and noise while allowing him to enjoy music at its best

  • Maruthi Narendra

    Should be compact and comfortable, and universal compatibility is one key requisite.

  • Rahul Sharma

    Battery life, noise cancellation and sound quality

  • Sandeep Rawat

    Voice clarity and noise isolation are two important factors for me to consider a Bluetooth headset

  • Navneet Pandey

    For me good battery life and comfort are the two most important features.

  • prateek sisodia

    i would love a stereo bt headset

  • imuc

    Noise cancelation. having background noise when on the phone with someone is distracting.

  • Shailendra Agrawal

    Looking voice clarity, noise isolation and good battery backup, if voice is not clear to using BT, then no mean to hang a devise just like that…..

  • Chetan Khurana

    Minimal form factor. Because, look, I love my android, but I certainly don’t need to look like one to prove it!

    That and the comfort factor too. And if possible, a battery life as good as my phone would be a bonus.

  • Vatsal

    The first and foremost feature I would look while buying the bluetooth headset is the voice quality not only to me but also the person whom I am talking to, as I am going to buy that headset to make and recieve calls. And then comes the Message readout feature where it reads out the message.


    it should be comfortable to wear, and inconspicus, in any environment…..

  • Amit Singh

    “Sound quality management” in various condition, like outdoor, indoor ,noisy. Because my first preference is to get the best audio quality continuously. The device should be smart enough instead of myself adjusting to the condition.

  • ashutosh singh, ,, I can leave battery issue but the size of set should be tiny and sound grabbing technology should be excellent irrespective of price I’ll buy if technology gets small it should be almost hidden in ear

  • Yogesh Sahu

    First of all, i’ll check whether it is comfort to use or not?
    If it is having very great features, but discomfort to be used, than all those great features are of no use.

  • Prateek Malik

    Hello CJ!
    Well my top features will be :-
    1. Sound quality : Primary choice keeping everything apart. The amplification and projection of sound inside the ears must be a divine experience.

    2. Comfort : Light weight, portable, fits well around ears and provide great noise cancellation.

    3. Battery life : Must store enough juice to be carried around to places.

  • Anuraj J Pillai

    noice isolation ,sturdy,good battery backup,comfortable form factor

  • Sanchit Singhal

    While buying a bluetooth headset, I would look for Comfort and Audio quality, because according to me without these features a headset is not worth buying.

  • Shivam Narain

    Water proof because I like to go under water all the way. Sweat resistant must for a gym freak like me!

  • Vignesh

    Sound Quality..

  • sibi

    Simply style and awesomeness one feel when you ware it… World of wireless tech,,, :)