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Google Glass for Consumers “Atleast a Year Away”

Certain lucky early adopters in the US who attended Google I/O last year and could afford to splat down $1500 for the privilege, have been getting their hands on with Google’s new spectacles, and with all the enthusiasm for the product people were starting to wonder how long before average consumers like you and I can go to a store and pick one up.

Google Glass

Unfortunately though, it seems that wont be happening for a while, with Google’s Eric Schmidt stating that Google will be tweaking Google Glass from feedback from these early adopters, and that the final version will be “probably a year-ish away.” D’oh.

We also learned last week that Google Glass does infact run Android, which made us very optimistic about possible apps that might come along to said eyewear but as it turns out, Glass won’t allow any apps to run natively but will instead reply on web-based apps. And incase you were hoping for some augmented reality behaviour, apps won’t have access to video input either.

Disappointing news, I guess. Still, these are something that’s more of a luxury than a necessity, and a lot can change in one year.

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