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iFixit takes apart the HTC One

The crew at iFixit got their hands on the new HTC One already, to do what they do best. Take things apart.

HTC One ifixit

Opening up the sleek, aluminium smartphone wasnt easy, and since there was no screws used in the construction of the body, the iFixit crew had to use a heat gun, suction cup and a metal spudger to open it up. Inside they found a lot of the components are covered in foil-like copper shielding, the 2300mAh battery and the usual internals.

They gave the HTC One a flat out One on the repairability scale, which means it’s pretty hard to open up and tinker with, but then again the phone’s pretty indestructible as it is.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, then more pictures and detailed repair guides await you at the link below.

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