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Videos: Behind the Scenes at Sony’s Holi-inspired Xperia Z Commercial

I dont normally post ‘behind the scenes’ videos but I absolutely loved Sony’s Xperia Z commercial, which was recorded right here in North India and made fantastic use of color while also showing off the fact that the phone is waterproof.

Sony Xperia Z Review

I love color, as cliche as that sounds, and India is a pretty colorful country, especially during the festival of Holi which is what this commercial is based on. Incase you havent seen the commercial, here it is right below:

Great ad, eh? Quick, fun and shows off that one unique, great feature of the Xperia Z which none of the competitor flagships boast right now. Incase you want to check out the behind the scenes, they’re embedded right below:

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[quote_simple]A 400-year-old temple, 500 extras, starting at 3 AM in the morning, a day filled with intense colours flying through the air. Visit the Galtaji Temple in Jaipur, India, on location at the shooting of our new advert for Xperia Z.

From the director to the wardrobe supervisor, go behind the scenes with the passionate people who brought this vibrant celebration of colour to life showcasing the incredible recording and display qualities of Xperia Z.[/quote_simple]


[quote_simple]Be transported to India and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of our vivid advert for Xperia Z. Director Tarsem Singh explains why a vibrant celebration of colour like the Holi Festival is the perfect occasion to showcase the incredible screen quality of Xperia Z. Glowing magenta, stunning cyan, turquoise, saffron, deep purple, fiery red all the colours you can think of flying through the air — good thing it’s washable.[/quote_simple]


[quote_simple]How did Siddhartha Luther, the assistant director of our striking new ad, manage the 3,000 kg of coloured powder used to recreate the vibrant celebration of the Holi Festival? With hundreds of extras showering each other with vivid colours, Siddhartha made sure the intense and dazzling spectacle would show the true brilliance of the Full HD screen of Xperia Z[/quote_simple]


[quote_simple]Meet the charming actors behind our new TV ad, Andrea Holt and Freddie Lund, who travelled halfway around the world to take part. From acting with elephants to overeager colour throwing extras, the pair discuss their experience of bringing the Holi Festival to life with Xperia Z[/quote_simple]


[quote_simple]Discover how we take colour to the next level and put Xperia Z to the test. Brendan Galvin, the director of photography for our new advert, discusses the similarities between the recording quality of Xperia Z and a high-speed professional camera in terms of contrast, colours, and dynamic range. Also, learn why his wife might be getting the water-resistant Xperia Z as her next phone!


[quote_simple]Discover how Production Designer Dilip More recreated an entire Rajasthani market for the festival of colours celebration in our new advert. The Bollywood regular, who has designed authentic sets for films like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, was also in charge of keeping the star clean between takes. Luckily for him, Xperia Z is dust and water resistant! [/quote_simple]