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HTC retiring their ‘Quietly Brilliant’ tagline [in favour of more Agressive Marketing]

HTC’s “Quietly Brilliant” tagline has been in effect since October 2009, but unfortunately the tagline seems to have applied to their marketing as well, which hasnt been anywhere as in-your-face as their competition. Thankfully, it seems the company will be retiring “Quietly Brilliant” from their product ads so as to kickstart their image with a new, bolder marketing campaign as well.

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This comes in from the WSJ, where HTC’s marketing chief stated that the company hasn’t “been loud enough” in the past, and that’s all about to change now, with their new HTC One flagship phone, with a new marketing campaign that uses the themes “bold,” “authentic,” and “playful.” Bold will be demonstrated by how aggressive the marketing will be, authentic with a focus on innovation, and playful is meant to be in reference to features based on consumer demand.

I gotta say, I completely approve of a more aggressive HTC. The company has been quietly watching their revenues fall, making great products but simply not marketing them well enough. With the HTC One, the company definitely has a winner on their hands, so hopefully this will work out for them!

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