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HTC USA president “pleased” to see “no innovation” in Samsung’s Galaxy S4 design

HTC’s motto is “Quietly brilliant” and so has their marketing been so far. Well, atleast the quiet part. This year the Taiwanese manufacturer seems to be a lot more aggressive, and since Apple’s been talking smack about Samsung’s disappointing new Galaxy S 4, HTC North America president Mike Woodward felt the need to join in, in an interview with Business Insider.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The VP stated: “We were pleased to see no innovation in the design itself,” claiming that Samsung’s new flagship phone looks exactly the same to it’s predecessor, which is actually true, heh. Woodward acknowledged that the Galaxy S4 does have a slew of new features in terms of software, but said those were just gimmicks and now something that consumers actually want.

I think Samsung is trying to overwhelm us with money and marketing and then pushing multiple features out there.

There is some truth to that point, for sure. Last year, Samsung spent more money on advertising their mobile devices, than any other manufacturer, and it worked pretty great for them. Woodward admitted that HTC is not in the financial place to match Samsung’s ad campaign but did state that the company hopes to put up a better fight this time around, with their new flagship, the HTC One.

Check out the entire interview, right over at the link below.

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    HTC is right & I know this time they r gonna give a hell of fight