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Apple proposes wireless charging through iPad Smart Cover

Apple’s Phil Schiller once stated that the company wasnt into wireless charging and having to “create another [charging] device you have to plug into the wall” but according to a new submission by the company to USPTO, they just might be looking for a simpler way to make the idea work out.

Apple wireless charging smart cover

According to the drawings in the image above, which were submitted back in 2011, Apple might choose to use the iPad’s smart cover with an “inductive power transmitter” arranged to “wirelessly pass power” to a receiver housed within the tablet. As such there’s still magnetic attachments that trigger the charging when the cover is closed, but also allows the cover to be used as an additional battery that can keep the iPad charged up.

Definitely a practical idea that does away with another charging accessory. Let’s see if this one turns out to be true, eh?

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