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New Lockscreen Bug in Samsung Galaxy S3 Gives Access to All Data

Looks like lockscreen bugs are getting very popular. First, it was the lockscreen bug discovered in iOS 6.1, which gave users access to contacts and photos. And now, a new bug has been discovered on the Samsung Galaxy S III that gives access to all your data. Everything!

Samsung Galaxy S III Review

This bug was first discovered by Sean McMillan, who then posted the method on Seclists. Here’s how this trick is accomplished. On the Passcode Entry screen, press Emergency Call, then press on Emergency Contacts. Now this is where you’ll have to be really quick. As soon as you press Emergency Contacts, hit the Home Button and immediately press the Power button.

If you were successful, waking the device will land you directly on the homescreen, giving you complete access. The only way to get the Passcode screen back is to reboot the device. Also, having Auto-rotation enabled helps in the process. Go give it a try.

When Apple learned of this bug, they released a new iOS beta update with a fix, which should be out soon. Let’s hope Samsung does the same, because this bug is worse than the one found on iOS.

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