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Video: Epic Nokia City Lens Commercial by O2

Nokia City Lens is a pretty cool little app for their Lumia Windows Phones, that uses Augmented Reality to show you interesting places near by. You can find places to eat, cinemas, clubs, whatever the need be. Unfortunately there havent really been any very cool promo videos to dumb down and show off what the app really does. Atleast until now! Here’s a really fun, clever promo by O2, showing off Nokia City Lens and staring ‘We have Band':

[quote_simple]We let Darren, Thomas and Dede from We Have Band loose on the streets of London with Nokia City Lens to discover some of its hidden gems.

Nokia City Lens is an augmented reality app for Windows Phone, which gives you a wealth of information about the world around you, with photos and reviews of nearby shops, bars and restaurants, and turn-by-turn directions to get you there.

Watch the video to see which weird and wonderful places the band discovered on their adventure in London.

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