Evernote resets all user passwords after security breach

Popular note-taking service Evernote just reset all user passwords after a security breach meant that private information like usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords were stolen from their database.


According to the Evernote blog, no content was “accessed, changed, or lost,” but they have still advised users to choose a new password after logging in the next time, and will prompt users about it as well. The passwords stolen were encrypted but might be decrypt-able if the folks who caused the security breach were really that dedicated to crack it.

Evernote has stated that they will be releasing updates for all their native apps for various platforms to smooth out the password reset process. If you see a warning or prompt pop-up on your phone, as I did on my Android device, dont worry, just change your Evernote password and you should be good to go. More info over at the Evernote blog post at the link below.

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