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Google Releases Hindi Input App for Android

If you ever wanted to type in Hindi on your Android phone, here’s news for you. Google released a new Hindi Input app for Android this week.

Google Hindi Input

The app provides a regular Hindi keyboard but also offers a transliteration keyboard as well, which allows converting text from one character set to another. For example, you can type “namaste” and you’ll see “??????” appear in the Devanagari script. Check out the video below for a better idea:

Native transliteration is a huge deal and will definitely much appreciated by the tons of Android users here in India. Available for download over at the link below, but note that some Samsung TouchWiz phones might have difficulty installing the app.

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  • Rohit Jain

    How does this work alongside a third-party keyboard like Swiftkey? Alternatively,can Swiftkey do Hindi transliteration?