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HTC One low light shots (vs Lumia 920, 808 PV & EOS 600D) and video comparison (vs 808 PV)


I attended the Asia-Pacific launch event for the HTC One on Thursday, here in Sydney. I got the chance (with the help of my friend Norman) to compare shots taken with the HTC One to a Nokia 808 PureView and the Nokia Lumia 920. I also threw my EOS 600D into the works just for fun! Now I know 2 images and a 10 second video aren’t a real test, but its all we could manage, given the devices were secured to demo stands. Thankfully we sweet-talked HTC into letting us use personal devices.

First up is a low-light dusk shot of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. The timing of these images is a bit skew, as we had some issues with taking and sending the images, and in fact, lost some initial samples in the process.

HTC One:

Nokia 808 PureView:

Nokia Lumia 920:

Canon EOS 600D:

Next we have even lower light samples, this time of Sydney’s Opera House.

HTC One:

Nokia Lumia 920:

Nokia 808 PureView:

I won’t put my comments about the images into words, because I often find image quality is subjective. Plus, if I say I prefer camera x due to a, b, c, people will start looking for my comments and try and justify that to themselves. So comment below on who you think takes the cake!

Finally, we have the 10 sec video sample of Van She, an Australian band who performed live at the event.

HTC One:

Nokia 808 PureView:

Again, we had sync issues but I chose the samples that are the strongest and best examples from both devices. I think the HTC One has far better audio quality than the 808, however, the 808 image quality may be better. Its rather close in my opinion.

The full res images can be found at my Flickr, by clicking the button below!

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  • jpfx

    re: the sound on the vids, did you have a case on either phone?

  • theslayer

    No no no no.. this cannot be! How can the HTC One usurp the Rich Recording on the PureView?

    • jpfx

      808 certainly sounds louzy in comparison

      • AlanStrangis

        Why? Because it’s quieter?

        • jpfx

          no, because the top-end sounds muted. I’ve noticed this on other 808 vids. the other vid sounds more like what I would expect if I was there.

          • AlanStrangis

            I disagree with that entirely. I find the highs are more tinny and the bass more muddles. Still way better than other phone vids, but not as good as the PureView (about 90% there though).

    • AlanStrangis

      I gotta disagree. There’s more definition in the lows on the 808, and the highs are less tinny. The 808 recording is at a lower volume, but if you adjust accordingly, you’ll hear the difference.
      That being said, the One certainly sounds really good compared to most phones out there.

  • Jed

    The 808 still wins, though the One beats the 920 in sharpness. It’s noisier though.

    • shreyans

      thats really shocking the kind of noise htc one has or may be i just cant judge pictures

  • Jake

    Guys, you need to listen to these samples with headphones on. The difference is like day and night – the 808 sounds like a professional recording with rich bass and all-around clarity. HTC is better than average but not even close to the 808. Simple as that.

    • shreyans

      yes but htc is better than most of the phones

    • MFaroTusino

      I listened with my headphones, but like I said with images, subjective

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  • jac

    the iso setting is not even the same….

  • EasycapExpertti

    How can You say that HTC One “has far better audio quality than the 808″ – I totally disagree. When I listened those videos with my headphones I can say HTC One was quite good, but Nokia 808 PureView sounds better – both highs and lows are more richer and more clear with 808. Nokia 808 PureView wins also at video quality and as You know Nokia 808 has lossless zoom which You can use while recording thanks for its huge image sensor vs HTC One has lack of pixels and it can’t make lossless zoom and I think You can adjust its zoom only before recording and that makes quality worse.

  • Jason

    You need to timestamp these photos. They were clearly taken far enough apart that exposure settings varied greatly, causing it to be long enough in the last shots to induce camera shake. These photos don’t prove anything at all, they can’t even be compared to each other due to this and lack of information on camera settings such as shutter speed adn iso at the time of the shot.

  • dkking

    from these pictures alone I would rank 808 clear winner then lUmia 920 then the ONe due to heavy noise

  • Richard Persaud

    Whoa, hold on.

    I just put both audio samples through my nearfield studio setup here at home, and the 808 destroys the HTC. For one, when amplified in Adobe Audition, the 808 not only has a much broader tonal range, but doesn’t clip anywhere near as much as the HTC. Also, highs are much more detailed on the 808, whereas the HTC sounds like a harsh jumble of emphasized highs.

    The HTC sound is akin to current pop music- loud, compressed, clipped, with exaggerated highs and lows.

    I understand audio is subjective, but the 808 captures audio much more ACCURATELY.

    I give the 808 a clear win, because with some minor editing, I can make the 808 sound just as loud and compressed as the HTC, but with some minor mastering, the 808 captures the audio BRILLIANTLY, whereas the HTC left me trying to combat clipping and exaggerated highs.

  • del_x

    Where’s the Lumia 920 recording, it has HAAC and would have been a revelation. Also the HTC images are too noisy so Ultrapixels are a NOSHOW.

    • Lysodo

      Nokia 808 has even a better HAAC.

  • jonesck1

    I’m using Logitech Z5500 5.1 speakers to test and I can tell you now, the 808 sounds a lot more punchier, I can feel the clean bass coming out of the subwoofer, however the HTC one video sounds very thin and doesn’t even move my sub, and even more screachier if I raise the volume. I’m willing to bet in person it sounded a lot more like the 808 video.