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Super Hexagon released for Blackberry 10 [Windows Phone port “Unlikely”]

Popular and drive-you-insane game Super Hexagon was released for Blackberry 10 devices today.

super hexagon for blackberry

Super Hexagon is basically a really simple game where you have to guide a pointer out of rapidly moving hexagon-things, but it’s so addictive that the entire Unleash team was hooked on to the game since it released for Android last week. The Developer posted on their blog stating:

[quote_simple]Laurence Muller, who ported the C++ openFrameworks version of the game to Android, has an interest in Blackberry – he maintains the unofficial Blackberry port of openFrameworks. So when Blackberry came along and asked us to do the port, we figured, let’s give it a shot![/quote_simple]

Apparently there’s almost no chance of the game coming to Windows Phone though, because of the “lot of work” it involves:

And just like that, Blackberry has already started to get a couple advantages over Microsoft’s mobile os. Available right over on the Blackberry App World at the link below.

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