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Mailbox for iPhone Launched [Gorgeous new email app]

If you’re someone who gets a lot of emails, like yours truly, y’know it’s pretty hard to get all those emails to… well…. go away and read, reply or delete each one. Enter Mailbox for iPhone, a new app by Orchestra that hopes to solve that issue by treating email like task management.

Mailbox for iPhone

Deleting emails is just one swipe, and you can also postpone actions until the eventing, the next day, or whenever you think it’s easier to get to said email. There’s also support for push notifications, and multiple accounts as well. Unfortunately there’s only support for Gmail right now, and it is limited wherein there’s no support for Gmail’s custom labels in like Google’s official Gmail app for iOS.

But hey, it’s free and it’s worth checking out. To use it, you need to make a reservation, and trust me when I say there’s a LOT of reservations right now, and there’s tons of people in line ahead, so if you’re thinking of checking this one out, do it quickly y’all.

Mailbox for iPhone

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