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Galaxy on Fire 2 Available for FREE Until Next Week


Fishlabs, the developer of iOS game Galaxy on Fire, have today announced that it’s action space shooter Galaxy on Fire 2, and its HD Counterpart, are both now available for FREE from iTunes App Store for a limited period of time.

From today until the 14th February 2013, players will be able to download the iPhone Version and the iPad Version of the game for FREE.

It is recomended that players using an iPhone 4S (or higher) and iPad 2 (or higher) should download and install the HD Version, While users with older devices such as the iPhone 4 or earlier, are recommended to download the SD version of Galaxy on Fire 2. The reason for this is because the A5 (and A6) powered processor’s, which are found in newer iOS Devices, offer a better gameplay experience with the HD Version than they do on the SD Version.

Both Galaxy on Fire and Galaxy on Fire HD Can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for FREE until the 14th February 2013.

via: ZOMGPlay