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Weekend Video: Roomful of people try to figure out Blackberry 10

Looks like BlackBerry 10 is the new Windows 8, heh. BB10 has a lot of neat new things, but the OS depends on gestures which can be a bit confuzzling if you dont know all of them just yet. As such Mashable thought it’d be fun to get a room full of Android and iPhone users to use the new Blackberry Z10, and that’s what you see in the video below:

[quote_simple]The new BlackBerry is supposed to revive the once-powerful company formerly known as RIM (now BlackBerry). We got five people to give it a test, and the results are a little perplexing.[/quote_simple]

We saw similar videos with the launch of Windows 8, where people were similarly confused about how to use it without having seen some sort of introduction video or not. I assume the problem is short lived though. Still fun to watch, heh.

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  • Ramires

    Title of video: “How to stupid peoples try unblock home screen of BB10″.

    Love my Nokia N9, love swipe, love !